Aerial view of Earlsfield Rear view of existing Earlsfield house
Existing Floor plans of Earlsfield House Proposed Floor plans of Earlsfield House
Rear extension of Earlsfield House View from kitchen through glass doors
Exterior of extension showing green roof Interior of Earlsfield House Extension


External View


Location: Earlsfield, London SW18
London Borough: Wandsworth
Client: Private
Value: confidential
Area: 130m2

The replacement of the existing conservatory of this Victorian terrace with a modern, contemporary side and rear extension allows the living spaces to reconnect with the garden. Three double-glazed sliding doors with a flush threshold detail give level access onto the new terrace. WIth the insertion of new steel beams a larger, open plan kitchen and dining area has been created. This space is top lit by two horizontal double-glazed rooflights, allowing light to penetrate into the deeper floor plan. The floor level has been lowered in order to improve the ceiling height and to allow the installation of underfloor heating over insulation. A green roof will be installed on the flat roof of the extension, over a modern single ply roofing material.

The original building has been refurbished throughout. The ground floor plan has been altered to provide a formal living room to the front with a study and new cloakroom to the rear. The existing timber sash windows have been upgraded with double-glazing and draught seals installed. The existing pitched roof has been insulated to reduce heating costs. On the first floor the separate toilet and bathroom have been combined and rooflights installed to illuminate the staircase and landings.