Aerial view of the terrace in Emberton Photograph of the front elevation of the house
Existing plan of Emberton house Proposed floor plan of single storey extension
Existing rear elevation Proposed rear elevation showing the sliding folding doors
Existing front elevation Proposed front elevation with cedar cladding
Finished extension with cedar cladding and anthra zinc roof Front elevation of finished cedar clad extension
Construction photos of zinc roof extension 3D render of proposed rear elevation


Visualisation of zinc roof extension


Location: Emberton, Milton Keynes
Client: Private
Value: TBA
Area: 43m2

Planning permission and Conservation Area consent have been granted (September 2012) and this project is now on site.

The proposed extension will provide the owner with a large open-plan living space and a ground floor toilet. The existing out-building is to be retained. The existing kitchen is to become a playroom.

The pitched roof to the proposed extension will be a standing-seam zinc roof. A previous application had been granted which proposed a mixture of pitched and flat roofs. The new scheme simplifies the design of the roof to the extension by using a standing-seam zinc roof which can be installed at a shallower pitch than a traditional slate roof.

Two rooflights and full-height glazing will provide ample natural daylight into the space. New sliding folding doors will allow the living space to be opened out to the rear garden.

The extension will be constructed from brickwork to match the existing house. Timber cladding will differentiate the new extension from the original house. The timber cladding proposed is to be vertical overlapping boards of Western Red Cedar which will weather to a silvery grey.