Housing Development in Milton Keynes Photograph showing exterior of house
Existing floor plans of Forest Hill house Proposed floor plans of Forest Hill attic conversion
Photograph of attic space  



Location: Milton Keynes
Site Area: 0.12ha

Plan A Architects have been invited to submit concept designs for a small housing development in the Milton Keynes area.

The proposed scheme comprises a total of eight detached houses facing each other across a Homezone. This is a street that is designed as a shared space between pedestrians and cars. The speed of the traffic is calmed by discreet measures such as the positioning of trees and street furniture, allowing children to play safely outside their homes. The street will become a shared amenity space for the residents and encourage a sense of community.

Each house has a total of three bedrooms and a flexible ground floor plan, allowing for either open-plan living or for a living room separate from the kitchen and dining area. The living room is positioned so that it has views to both the back garden and out onto the street. A large contemporary bay window allows residents to monitor activity in the street but is set back far enough from the neighbour opposite to not impinge upon their privacy.